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Produk Sika Readymix Mortars

Readymix Mortars


SikaTop® 121

A thixotropic, two component cement based polymer modified troweable adhesive and filling compound for the protection and repair concrete surfaces.

SikaTop® 122

A cement based polymer, two component repair mortar with added polyamide fibres, to form a high strength repair and levelling mortar for concrete.

SikaTop® 144

2 components, pre-dosed, ready for use coating material based on polymer modified cementitious material.

Sika® MonoTop® 615 HB

Sika® MonoTop® 615 HB is a cementitious, polymer modified, one component, repair mortar containing reactive microsilica. Sika® MonoTop® 615 HB is part of Monotop system for concrete repair and protection.

SikaFix® Tile Adhesive

SikaFix® is a single component, pre-packed tilling adhesive mortar combining cement with selected grades of sand and several admixtures. Only requires addition of water.

SikaTile® Grout

A Tile Grout specially blanded from selected high quality performance cements, fillers, pigments and synthetic additive. Only water will be added to provide a creamy paste. When set, the hardened grout paste is mold and mildew resistant.

SikaTop® Armatec 110 EpoCem®

A cement based epoxy-modified three-component anti-corrosion coating and bonding slurry.

Sika® MonoTop® 613 IND

Sika® MonoTop® 613 IND is cementitious, fibre reinforced, polymer modified onecomponent repair mortar.

SikaQuick® 2500 ID

SikaQuick® 2500 ID is a one component, shrinkage compensated, very rapid hardening, early strength gaining, cementitious flowable material for concrete.

Sikacrete® 08 SCC ID

Sikacrete® 08 SCC ID is a ready to use cement based fine concrete.

Sikacrete® Floor Level

a one part, polymer modified, pumpable self levelling high performance cementitous underlayment for the levelling and smoothing of interior floors prior to the application of the final floor finish such as ceramic tiles, carpets, parquet / wood flooring.

Sika® Plaster Mix

Instant cement for brick, red brick, light brick laying and plastering works. Cement based material with homogenously mixed filler and additive.

Sika® Skim Coat

Instant cement for finish works on plastered wall or concrete surface that can be use internally or externally. Cement based material with homogeneously mixed filler and additive.


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