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Produk Sika Mortar Admixtures

Mortar Admixtures



A synthetic rubber emulsion for addition to cement mortars where good adhesion and water resistance are required.

SikaTop® 77D

A water and oil resistant emulsion which produces bonding coats and polymer modified sand and cement mortars with high mechanical strengths coupled with good resistance to oil and water.

SikaBond® NV

A polyvinyl acetate emulsion bonding agent It is added to cement to increase the bond strength between old and new concrete. SikaBond® NV is compatible with all types of Portland cement including Sulphate Resisting cement, high alumina cement and gypsum.

Intraplast® Z

An expanding grout admixture in powder form. By introducing micro bubbles into the mix, it produces wet volume expansion and increased fluidity without segregation.

Intraplast® ZT


SikaSet® Accelerator

A concentrated solution of accelerating, plasticizing, and shrinkage-reducing agents. It is added to Portland cement to produce quick setting mortar.


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